Dill Printing

The food labelling software for education institutions and high volume outlets.

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Some of our key solutions

Accurate information

Information printed on our labels comes directly from suppliers and wholesalers, minimising potential errors in the supply chain.

Optimised for high volumes

Customise the number of labels printed in one go. Whether you need a single label or 200 at once, Dill Printing is flexible.

Always up-to-date

Product & allergen information is updated daily in a centralised database to ensure that changes are reflected across all partner sites.

Natasha's Law

Dill Printing helps our clients become compliant with Natasha's Law.

Starting Oct 1st 2021, food business have to include full ingredients & allergens info on all products that are pre-packaged on site.

The Dill Printing platform enables clients to print product and allergen labels on-demand.

Automatic or manual product data

Our software is integrated with Erudus, a market leading source of accurate allergy, nutritional and technical product data.

It can also integrate with your preferred supplier and supports manual ingredient & allergen input.

Custom printers and paper rolls delivered to each individual site

Through our partnership with Brother, we offer industry-leading label printers and paper rolls tailored to your needs.

Whether your team needs to use the labels at higher temperatures or they simply need to label cold items, Dill Printing is flexible.

For your peace of mind, our team also ensures the successful delivery of all equipment and paper rolls directly to your sites.

Fit for single or multi-site operations

With Dill Printing, you can create new products with custom ingredients and choose which ingredients are shared across locations. This ensures consistent product information across all sites.

Your team can also create custom recipes locally, with customisable food categories for each site.

Increased flexibility

Dill Printing runs from a portable tablet, allowing your team to operate from any location.

The app is downloadable directly from Google Play, with automatic app updates to ensure that your software is always up-to-date.

Industry-leading security and compliance

Our cloud-based technology meets the highest security measures, with compliant data storage and regular backups.

Your team can also opt to have access to the platform through PIN codes, ensuring that only authorised personnel operates the software.

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