New Partnership Announcement

Posted 23.04.2022 | 4 min read

We’re excited to kick-off this spring by announcing our new partnership with Brother UK!

Brother UK is one of the leading suppliers of technology solutions, helping businesses deliver greater productivity and efficiency through documentation, digitisation, collaboration and mobile work solutions.

Our food labelling platform, Dill Print, enables clients to print product and allergen labels on demand. From a centralised platform, admins can create recipes and distribute them to multiple locations at once. Information is updated daily in a centralised database to ensure that any changes are reflected across all partner sites. 

By integrating with Brother’s printing hardware, our platform allows users to print a wide range of labels, from room temperature-resistant to heatproof labels. Whether you need a hardware package with capabilities to support heat or freeze resistant labels, through our partnership with Brother we can design a bespoke hardware & software solution for a client’s particular labelling case. Our platform supports single and multi-use cases such as chains of venues.

Together with Brother we can now streamline our distribution, recommendation knowledge and expand our integration to more Brother devices to scale our products.

We’re looking forward to tackling challenges surrounding allergen and ingredient data within educational campuses across the UK, alongside our new partner Brother UK.