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In-person QR payments

Digital till system for
in-person QR-code payments

Digital till system for in-person QR-code payments

Some of the key benefits

Less hardware more flexibility

Less hardware,
more flexibility

Encrypted QR technology

Encrypted QR



Intuitive payment


How does our ‘Digital Till’ solution work?

Menu and stock management

1. Menu and stock management

Your team can manage and update the digital menu in real-time directly from the on-site tablet.

Food categories, prices, nutritional data and related product information are customizable and can be configured according to your particular needs.

Menu and stock management
In person payment - Purchasing Process
In person payment - Purchasing Process

2. Intuitive purchase processing

On-site staff can take in-person orders from customers, selecting the required products and introducing them to the cart. Product quantity can also be edited within the same window.

3. Review cart and identify user by QR code

Before payments are processed, staff members can review and edit items within the cart.

Using an integrated 2D scanner, customers can be identified by scanning their in-app QR code which they present at the till. After the QR code is scanned, user details are displayed on the screen, including an optional photo.

Identification of user by QR code
Contactless payment processor

4. Contactless Payment Process

After reviewing the user details, the staff can confirm and finalise the payment. The platform feeds the order details directly into the order history of the user and into the daily report of the outlet.

Digital receipts are issued after each transaction and optionally, our integrated Bluetooth receipt printer can be utilised to issue physical receipts with each purchase. Payments are securely processed by our partner sQuidcard.

Digital till system for in-person QR-code payments

Because we want to continuously improve the food ordering process on educational campuses, we brought more diversity and flexibility in the methods of ordering.

Now our users can order in person on campus by showing the QR code that syncs with their Dill account and the outlets' food ordering platform.

Our Dill 'In-person QR Payments' platform consists of: a mobile application integrated with the outlet's food ordering platform, and a 2D scanner, forming an Electronic Point of Sale System.

Digital till system for in-person QR-code payments

By launching this solution, we aim to minimise the use of hardware on education campuses and to give institutions more flexibility when it comes to accepting payments from their customers.

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