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Dill for Primaries

The catering & food ordering platform for your primary schools and local authority.

Dill platform for food ordering and catering processes across Primary Schools

- The next generation of catering software within the education sector -

Some of our key solutions

Less Hardware more flexibility

Less hardware, more flexibility

By operating a web & tablet-based model, we take away the burden of having to manage and maintain complex hardware systems.

Analytic Tools and Reporting

Analytic tools and reporting

Centralised reporting and analytic tools are at hand to review pupil orders, item sales or various sales trends.

Dill software solutions have dynamic and tailored features

Dynamic and tailored features

Dill allows your team to visualise & download custom reports, make use of adaptable admin features and further on-demand requests.

Centralized Dill Software

Cloud-based, centralised software

Our integrated catering & food ordering platform spans across web, mobile and kiosk environments.

With increased automation and real-time processing, we remove hardware excess and streamline catering services.

Centralized Dill Software
Meal Scheduling and Distribution

Meal distribution and scheduling

With Dill, you can define menus, operational cycles (e.g. 3 week cycle) and distribute them to all schools or specific locations.

Multiple school-menu assignment and menu editing throughout the year are supported, as well as defining multiple menus using bands.

In-school paperless ordering of food

In-school paperless ordering for pupils

Dill offers paperless ordering options, such as kiosk, portable tablet or desktop-based.

The software has a customisable user-interface based on time of the year or celebrations.

Nutritional and allergen information is also displayed for e-learning purposes.

In-school paperless ordering of food
Allergen and nutritional information updated

Allergen Safe

Allergen & nutritional information is updated in real-time to comply with the highest standards.

Pupils are automatically mapped to their allergens for increased safety.

Customizable Reporting

Real-time customisable reporting

Your team can request bespoke reporting for your particular needs.

This can be done directly from the software, all you have to do is to include the data you would like to see in the table columns.

Reports and data can be exported to Excel and pdf for post-processing by simply pressing a button.

Customizable Reporting
Free Schools Meals

Free School Meals

Free School Meals play an essential role in our software.

Anonymised digital credit is allocated automatically daily to ensure pupils are able to make use of it throughout the day.

Food waste reduction tools

Food waste reduction tools

End-of-day discounts and push notifications are available.

The software supports a rewards system to encourage pupils to eat healthy and balanced meals.

Food waste reduction tools

Security and compliance

Payments are securely processed on our behalf by sQuidcard, a specialist payment processor in the education sector registered and based in Thames Ditton, Surrey.

sQuid processes over £100m in payments per year and are trusted by education institutions, Governments, NGOs and private organisations in the UK and internationally.

sQuid is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant, the most stringent level of compliance available in the payments industry.

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