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Dill for Secondaries

The food ordering platform for your school.

- Empowering pupils to become mindful of what they're eating -

How Dill School works

Register Account

Pupils register together with their parents via our web page or through one of our payments provider partners.


Users top-up their account through one of our payments provider partners.

Order and Enjoy

Pupils order their favourite items for breakfast and lunch, collecting them from various pick-up points.

Some of Dill School benefits

User-friendly interface

Our Dill School mobile app has been designed
to be intuitive and easy to use.

The platform is bilingual and supports multiple
languages for users from all backgrounds.

Pupils love it.

Free School Meals and

Our platform automatically allocates Free School Meals (FSM) to your pupils, as designated by the local authorities.

Does a pupil have food allergies? Dill School maps each pupil to their specific allergy and automatically flags items containing such ingredients.

When it comes to food allergies, we go the extra-mile to keep pupils safe.

Collection Points

Dill School allows each partner-school to customize the way they serve pupils & staff.

We work with your team to find the best way to place collection points for a smooth serving process. Pupils will then
be able to locate their designated collection points in-app.

Live orders management

Your catering staff will be able to manage orders, menu and stock in real-time.

All from a single tablet.

Receipt printer integration
for a seamless process

We thrive to give pupils & staff the best experience they can have. This is why we are constantly improving and developing our services.

Whether it's integrating with a Bluetooth printer or creating custom features to increase usability, we believe in building fast and learning fast.

Ingredients and allergens label printer capabilities

Print bespoke labels for your school's menu containing a list with all ingredients and allergens of each item.

Keep your pupils and members of staff safe and informed with our solution.

Current integrations

Dill School integrates with various providers to make in-app payments secure.

Our payment partners are certified as PCI Level 1 Service Providers. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Have another provider?

Just let us know which one you're using and our team will be happy to link our platform to your current provider.

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