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Atis was developed to meet the demands of an evolving relationship with food. Today, food is a story of satisfaction, personal health, sustainable sourcing and community building – so much more than just the fuel and convenience of past times. They created a space to serve plant-powered food that not only tastes delicious but reflects the common values of a growing global community: a community that thinks about sourcing, packaging, ethical relationships and the environment. They call this ‘powerful food’: food that tastes good, and does good – for the body, the soul and the planet.

With sites across iconic London locations including Old Street, Eccleston Yards, Notting Hill or Canary Wharf, Atis has been nominated as one of “Five of the City of London’s top salad bars” in Financial Times.

The Challenge

Stock Rotation Labelling Efficiency

Amidst Atis’ commitment to serving food that aligns with their ethos, the need for efficient and accurate food labelling emerged as a crucial aspect of their operations.

Centralised Stock Rotation across London

With multiple locations across London, the task of manually labelling products proved to be time-consuming and prone to errors. Atis sought a solution that not only streamlined the labelling
process but also empowered their staff with improved
knowledge in food safety practices.

The Solution

Dill Print is the food labelling solution for any business size and type.

Whether it’s a PPDS or Stock Rotation label, Dill Print can tailor bespoke and compliant templates to suit any daily operational model. Best before dates are automated to reflect the correct due date depending on the product’s name and category, which means less manual work for the team.

The software helps members of staff maintain food labelling operations with minimal human errors saving them time and streamlining operations through automated food safety & PPDS templates. Dill Print is a central & cloud based solution which enables multi-site label management from a single software.

The Brother TD-4550DNWB printer was integrated into the solution with the support of Brother UK. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled the solution can be used out of the box and accepts unlimited
printing requests. Dill’s centralised software provided Atis with a seamless platform for sharing and printing labels across sites, eliminating the need for manual writing and significantly reducing the time spent on labelling tasks.

The Outcome

The implementation of Dill's labelling solution yielded tangible benefits for Atis accross all of their locations By automating the labelling process, Atis saved valuable time previously spent on manual label writing, enabling staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Moreover, the solution facilitated staff growth by enhancing their knowledge in food safety practices, further strengthening Atis' commitment to quality and excellence. One particularly noteworthy result of implementing Dill at Atis, was the overwhelmingly positive reception from staff across all Atis locations. With no reported issues and widespread adoption of the solution, Atis experienced a smooth transition to automated labelling across London with the support of Dill and Brother UK.

It has been a real success, we trialed Dill on one site for 2 weeks and the feedback was great from all the staff. We then deployed across the whole group.
Everyone is loving it, no issues so far! The solution saved staff a lot of time in writing labels and improved their knowledge on available products on site. Staff have now a better understanding of food safety.

Igor MorandiStrategy & Operations Manager

Dill is the catering automation software company providing food ordering, menu management and food labelling software to education campuses, independent venues & food chains across the UK.

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