Our Mission is to help campuses build tech-driven
food services

We believe campuses should be tech driven. This includes students and staff being able to digitally interact with their on-campus outlets.

Today, customers expect everything to be ready at the touch of a button.

At Dill, we want to give everyone the opportunity to access their on-campus venues not only when they go there in person, but also from their student dorms, lecture theatres or staff offices.

Meet our founding team

Alex Coldea, CEO

Alex holds a BSc in Computer Science from Swansea University and worked in various technical roles before founding Dill. His previous experience includes working as a software engineer at Broadcom Inc. and as a software developer for SAIL Databank.

Paul Balan, CTO

Paul holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from UBB Cluj-Napoca. He has a wide technical background and has previously worked as a software engineer for Axon Soft, where he was involved in large-scale software projects.

Rares Dorcioman, COO

Rares holds a MEng in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. His previous experience ranges from biomedical engineering to commercial roles. He previously worked in device engineering for AstraZeneca and in business development for Axia Medical.

The food ordering platform for education campuses.

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