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  1. Once an outlet receives your order, they’ll either confirm it or decline it depending on various factors. When an outlet confirmed your order, the status of your order in “History” will change to “Confirmed”. Remember to check the designated time for pick up once this happens. If an outlet declines your order, your order status will change to “Declined”, with the accompanying reason and you will be refunded the full amount within a few minutes.

If your order is not at the collection point, just ask the staff within the outlet about your order’s status. You can always show the outlet the order in your “History” section. That’s your receipt.

If you’d like to change your order or cancel it after you placed it, you have to contact the outlet via the phone icon on the “Venues Available” screen and inform them about this change. If the outlet does not answer your call, you can contact us at 07936684294 or at

For any specific allergies you might have, please contact the outlet directly to inform them about it by pressing the “Allergens” button on the outlet’s menu or via the phone icon on the “Venues Available” screen.


If this error happens at any time, please contact us at 07936684294 or at and we’ll refund you the extra amount charged.


If you’d like to delete your account and erase your data from our records, please contact us at and inform us about it. This action will be performed within a few days from your request.

If you still have an enquiry or if there is anything you’d like to let us know, please contact us at or at 07936684294.

Under data protection law, you have a number of rights concerning the data we hold about you. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, including to submit a Subject Access Request, please contact us at To find out more about this, please access our Privacy Policy.